Our Classes

If you like Zumba...You’ll LOVE to G.R.O.O.V.E. Filled with THE HOTTEST TRACKS you know and love from today & a Lil of yesterday so you can concentrate on Groovin’ It Gone and into shape with moves you truly can use. Strong A 30min Dance cardio blast with a POWER boost of weights and resistance training mixed in. Smooth a lil lighter for those just re-entering fitness, the senior population or have physical limitations Ratchet being sexy is liberating being RAAATCHET is releasing get down and dirty....sweaty too :o)

CARDIO Kickboxing
In CARDIO Kick Boxing you will utilize various forms of martial arts in rapid fire combos to get that heart rate up into the fat burning Zone while building muscle and stamina. Includes physical contact and applying what you learned for REAL LIFE SELF DEFENSE.

Tri Soul Yoga
RELEASE, RESTORE & REFRESH your soul with this simple approach to Yoga/ Stretching to restore your mind/ body connection and functional flexibility not about tying yourself in knots or standing on your head. In Power Yoga we use basic Yoga poses done in repetition with weights to increase resistance providing for a more efficient strengthening and sculpting workout.

West African Dance Class
ALL the boot NONE of the camp except for in results. FOR THE LADIES ONLY this boot camp class will give you the best of both worlds using sensual dance to keep the cardio up ...trust me its hard to be sexy.... with the help of weights and the chair for resistance and strength training.

Simply Sensual
Grab your Heels or your Wedge Gymshoes if you dare and meet me on the dance floor for this sexy sweaty workout that will bust your butt and lose that gut. A lil Ratchet, some Dancehall Queen and sultry sweat will have you dripping wet with moves you can use now and def'ly later ;o) Shoes not mandatory.

Afro Beat
RESTORE your soul with this guided free movement class set to a diaspora of drum beats. African, Caribbean & Brazilian to name a few. This is Chicago so expect some beats laced with a Lil deep house. Live percussion is always a welcome surprise too ;o)

For those that may have physical limitations or other need to sit while exercising. Perfect for those recovering from knee, hip or back injuries/ surgeries or whose weight makes it difficult. COME!!! SIT & GET FIT! w/ Kurt Kobangz

HIIT Bootcamp

Personalized for your needs. A variety of high intensity interval training style workouts to shed fat and get that body ripped or toned which ever is your goal. Anything from Tabata, Suspension Training, Crossfit, Plyometrics, Pilates mash up of butt kicking-ness :o) option means come when you can stay as long as you can for personal training. Enjoy a variety of exercise to cycle through on a timed interval that can take you 15mins to 45mins.


is a danced fight. A graceful game of wit, flexibility, playful sparring, and strategy. This art form combines culture, philosophy, martial arts, dance, ritual, and music. All levels welcome. Overcome all your physical challenges. Children as young as 3 welcome to participate.


Play Time

Sunday  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

11a - 11:45a (5yrs - 12)  12p - 2p (13yrs on up)

West African Drum Lessons w/ Sekou Conde (next session starts Feb 1st)

 5p – 6p
Line Dance w/ Ms. Debra

6p – 7p
 GROOVE w/ E'a

  7p - 7:30p Tri Soul Power Yogilates w/ E'a 

7:30p - 8:30p Bellydance w/ LuuLuu )

8a – 4p
Personal Training or Schedule Your Massage

5p – 6p
HIIT Boot Camp w/ E'a

6p – 7p
HulaHoop FITness w/ E'a

7p - 8p CARDIO Kickboxing w/ E'a

8p - 9p Chairdance w/ LuuLuu

8a – 4p
Personal Training or Schedule Your Massage

5p – 6p
HIIT Boot Camp w/ E'a

6:30p - 7:30p
Ratchet G.R.O.O.V.E w/ E'a

7:30p - 8:30p  Tri Soul Yogaw/ E'a

8a – 4p
Personal Training or Schedule Your Massage

5p – 6p
HIIT Boot Camp w/ E'a

6:15p - 7p
G.R.O.O.V.E AfroBeat w/ E'a

7p - 8p CARDIO Kickboxing w/ E'a

8a – 5p
Personal Training or Schedule Your Massage

6p – 7p
Capoeira! w/ Zakee & Kamau

7:30p – 8:30p
Hip Hop Fusion w/ Kurt Kobangz


9a - 10a HulaHoop Fitness w/ LuuLuu

10:30a - 11:30a
West African Community Drum Circle w/ Sundjata (starts Jan 31st)

11:30a - 1p
West African Dance Class w/ Idy Ciss

2p - 3:15p
Beg. Hip Hop Fusion w/ Kurt Kobangz

3:30p - 5p 
Dunham Dance Technique w/Amansu