Originally from Chicago, I moved back here from Washington D.C. , where I had a very successful freelance career being able to support myself by the pursuit of my passions. Teaching and performing dance, massage, midwifery basically everything you see offered here. Upon moving back to Chicago the market was very saturated and competition abound. To get rooted here I began working for other establishments. I soon reallized that I didnt and couldnt work for other places. I found alot of places are in the wellness "business", selling stuff, gimicky, expensive alot of fluff and lacking what is important for the $85+ they are asking you for, like a passionate intuitive therapist, a completely serene room. I am in the wellness "service".  In order for me to continue to enjoy sharing my talents with others and making wellness affordable.  I had to establish my own business and here I am now. Open your doors and let the healing begin.  Come and continue to grow with me.


I want to be able to service people who really need it.  Our teachers, childcare workers, lay medical staff, artists, blue collar workers and the people that really keep our day to day lives going.  I would also like to offer services to schools and seniors throughout the community.  

The Girl Behind The Hands...

I am just a regular everyday fun loving girl. Not over spiritual or will weird you out with wellness. I eat pizza, hamburgers and french fries a glass of wine on the side or maybe a beer. I like to rock out. Don’t let the natural fool you, if you mess with the people I love I will go upside your head. I have my own crayons and coloring books.

Wellness has always been an interest and passion to me.

I went to a health vocational HS where I became a CNA and a PRA by graduation. I studied Physical Therapy and Psychology at Howard University as well as became an EMT. During that time I worked at various gyms and hotels as a massage therapist to support myself through school but when the licensing laws became more strict, I had to quite. I was finished school anyway, so I moved to New York to pursue my artistic dreams. Now having scratched that off my bucket-list. I have seen and lived alot of life and learned how to enjoy it no matter what. That is what I show others how to do. To take care of their temple and guide them how to live and enjoy their life and not let life live them.