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Thanks for visiting us online. We are happy to be able to extend our guidance and discipline to show you how to lead a Tri Fit Life. We offer personal training, African Drum & Dance, A FRESH spin on yoga, dance for fun & fitness classes, massage, boot camps and so much more!

Providing everyday wellness to everyday people at your location or ours. Keeping it plain and making it simple. Passion motivated professionals who meet you where you are, to bring you where you need to be.  Rebuilding the total person from the inside out with gifts to...


No Event TOO BIG or small, ALL you have to do is call or text or email :o) & our services can be YOURS! ​Birthday Celebrations, Wedding Events, Girls/ Guys/ Couples Night Out, FUNDRAISER, Customer Appreciation, Happy Hour, Single Again Parties, Grand Openings, Baby Shower, Office Parties etc.



JAN 24th 9a - 4p OPEN HOUSE PARTY & FUNDRAISER Sample a class with us or just watch. No pressure. Come by to meet us and see us do what we do and enjoy some other treats...Asking for a $10 donation to help this personally/ community supported studio make it another year...once we get to the first one April 5th :o)

  • 9:30a – 10a Hula Hoop Fitness mixed w/ belly dance w/ Luu Luu
  • 10a – 1015a Chair Dance w/ Luu Luu
  • 10:30a – 11a Tri Soul Yoga w/ E’a
  • 11:15a – 11:45a Cardio Kickboxing w/ E’a
  • 12p – 12:30p Capoeira w/ Kamau & Zakee
  • 12:30p – 1p Turbo Talk on nutrition & Self Maintenace
  • 1p – 1:30p Fiyah Fit Dancehall Werkout w/ Lady Sol
  • 1:45p – 2:30p Hip-Hop w/ SURPIRISE GUEST ARTIST

JAN 25th 4:30p - 6p Deeply Rooted Dance Theater Mature H.O.T (Healthy, Optimistic, Triumphant) Women. Designed to strengthen the body, challenge the mind, and nourish the soul through the synergy of modern, ballet, and African dance techniques. A nurturing & supportive class where women become physically and spiritually engaged in dance through technique & choreography. $125 or 2 payments of $75 Call to register 312.315.4977 or click HERE

Make sure to join us this week to WELCOME! Ms. LuuLuu of HIPQUAKE to her SECOND week with us. She has been shaking things up around here with her Hula Hoop FITness class Sat morn 9:30a, making Bellydance Goddesses out of us on Mon 7:30p & feeding our Root Chakra ;o) in Chairdance. ALL are WELCOME!!!

WEST AFRICAN DANCE CLASS w/ Idy Ciss of Muntu Dance Theater & LIVE DRUMMERS Sundjata, Sekou & Sammy! STARTS BACK Jan 31st SATURDAY 11:30p - 1p.

HIP HOP FUSION™ JOIN US! EVERY FRIDAY for Int/ Adv 8p & SATURDAY for Beg. 2p LEARN VARIOUS STYLES OF HIP HOP w/ Kurt "INSPIRE" Kobangz of the FOOTWORKINGZ™...He will cover/ fuse together Authentic Jukin, B-boy & Girl, Footwork and DANCE. Experience the different changes that the Hip Hop movement has gone through NOT just a DANCE its a CULTURE!!! GET DANCE-UCATED! See him in action HERE Then join us!

WEST AFRICAN DRUM LESSONS Session II w/ Sekou Conde  PRE-REGISTRATION IS A MUST Session 2 starts Feb 1st. This class is ENROLLMENT only due to the progressive nature of learning the intricacies of the many rhythms as well as the history behind it. Want to JOIN US IN for the SECOND SESSION? Its ok if you missed the 1st one. CLICK HERE or call 312.315.4977.  Read about Sekou HERE. Video summary of last session.