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Thanks for visiting us online. We are happy to be able to extend our guidance and discipline to show you how to lead a Tri Fit Life. We offer personal training, African Drum & Dance, A FRESH spin on yoga, dance for fun & fitness classes, massage, boot camps and so much more!

Providing everyday wellness to everyday people at your location or ours. Keeping it plain and making it simple. Passion motivated professionals who meet you where you are, to bring you where you need to be.  Rebuilding the total person from the inside out with gifts to...


No Event TOO BIG or small, ALL you have to do is call or text or email :o) & our services can be YOURS! ​Birthday Celebrations, Wedding Events, Girls/ Guys/ Couples Night Out, FUNDRAISER, Customer Appreciation, Happy Hour, Single Again Parties, Grand Openings, Baby Shower, Office Parties etc.





COMMIT TO BE FIT! Join us for a great day of fitness through DANCE. If you missed the open house you def’ly don’t want to miss this. Enjoy ALL of our classes in 30-45min increments so you can hang out meet us try new classes, get a massage, face painting, lashes & MORE! Enjoy our different vendors of sorts food, jewelry, clothes...but most importantly CELEBRATE making it ONE YEAR in BUSINESS…Supported COMPLETELY by YOU. In order for us to offer you bigger and better this next year, WE NEED MORE BODIES! This is a great opportunity to let us introduce ourselves to your friends and families and give us a GREAT START into our SECOND year of business. We have all types of plans to do MORE FOR YOU but it takes $$$. So the more you support us the more we can meet and exceed your desires in providing you a comfortable and affordable place to experience your wholistic journey to a Tri Fit Life™

Asking for a $15 donation to GROW this personally financed/ community supported studio make it another year...once we get to the first one, techinically, April 5th :o)

    March 1st – 31st, Tri Fit Life Challenge FREE ~ Join this self guided test of determination towards a Tri Fit Life™ One that is in harmony Mind, Body & Soul. Each week will offer a challenge and a goal for each facet and hopefully at the end you will have made some nec’ry lifestyle changes for a life you LOVE to LEAD!

    March 7th, Saturday 6p – 9p $25 The Biology of Communication w/ Luu Luu ~ This powerful 2hr workshop will teach you how to more effectively communicate with the men in your life.

    March 21st Saturday 9:30a – 1p $25
    Join us for a day of working out with GREATER purpose. Proceeds to be donated to A New Direction of Beverly Morgan Park supporting the victims & families of Domestic Violence

    March 24th Tuesday 5:30p - 9p FREE MAKEOVER HAPPY HOUR sponsored by Anika International Cosemetics. Meet Anika & crew let them "Beat yo face", learn tips for going out & working out, massages by the Princes of Pamper, wine tasting with the Wine Diva, Bedroom Kandy need I say more

    WEST AFRICAN DANCE CLASS w/ Idy Ciss of Muntu Dance Theater & LIVE DRUMMERS Sundjata, Sekou & friends IS ON AND POPPING. JOIN US!  SATURDAYS 11:30p - 1p.

    Breakin' 101 STARTS FRIDAY MARCH 6th 7p -8p JOIN US! To get your B-boy & Girl togetha'. Poppin', lockin' & uprockin' w/ KSOLO NOT just a DANCE its a CULTURE!!! GET DANCE-UCATED!

    WEST AFRICAN DRUM LESSONS Session II w/ Sekou Conde  HAS STARTED STILL TIME TO JOIN!. This class is ENROLLMENT only due to the progressive nature of learning the intricacies of the many rhythms as well as the history behind it. Want to JOIN US for the SECOND SESSION? Its ok if you missed the 1st one. CLICK HERE or call 312.315.4977.  Read about Sekou HERE. Video summary of last session.